How to Use a Windows Installer Command Line for Memtime

This article is important for any administrator user responsible for managing app installations throughout their entire company

Administrator users have the option to use the Windows installer with the command-line arguments to easily install Memtime for other users. The following command line arguments are available for the Windows installer:

  • For a silent installation (no UI showing): /S
  • To set the installer to install for all users and not the current one: /AllUsers
  • To override the installation location: /D=c:\path\to\installation

These scenarios are frequently encountered by administrators:

Installing Memtime silently for all users

This command allows you to install Memtime in the default installation directory, c:\Program Files\memtime, which is accessible to all users on their computer:

memtime-installer.exe /S /AllUsers

By using this command, the installation process will not display a user interface, making it a silent installation. This means that users will not see any prompts or progress bars during the installation. It is a convenient option for administrators who want to install Memtime for all users without any user interaction.

Installing Memtime silenty for all users at a custom destination

 With this command, you can easily install Memtime in a custom directory, such as "d:\applications":

memtime-installer.exe /S /AllUsers /D=d:\applications

This command will install Memtime in the specified directory, d:\applications, without displaying any user interface, and register the app for all users.

By using this method, administrators can easily customize the installation location according to their preferences.

Both of these commands will install the app for all users, but will not automatically start the app after installation.

To determine if an application is registered for a user, you can navigate to the "Installed Apps" section in Windows Settings.

If a destination is not specified, the app will be installed in the following locations:

  •  For a specific user only: %APPDATA%/Local/Programs/memtime
  • For all users: c:/Program Files/memtime

In conclusion, whether you want to install Memtime silently for your whole team, or create custom installation paths, you now have a general understanding on how you can speed up this process as an administrator user.