How to connect to

You can connect your Memtime with and say goodbye to manually time-tracking your phone calls.

The first step to connecting to Memtime is to install it as a Connected App. 

This article provides instructions on both scenarios, whether you already have Sipgate installed in Memtime or not, so no need to worry - we've got you covered!

To install Sipgate as a Connected App, you can try the following:

1. Open the Memtime App and click on the menu burger to select Connected Apps.

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2. If you do not yet see Sipgate as a Connected App, you can click on the "Find more Connected Apps" button to find it. This will open the Memtime Marketplace website.

3. Search for "Sipgate" and click on the "Connect to" button.

4. Go back to your Memtime app > Connected Apps and click on "Refresh Installed Connected Apps".

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If you already see Sipgate installed in your Connected Apps, you can simply follow the next steps in this article.

The next step is to authenticate in Memtime. 

1. Select Sipgate in your Connected Apps in Memtime and click on "Authenticate".

2. A pop-up window will open asking you for your TOKEN ID and your Personal Access Token.

3. To find your TOKEN ID and your Personal Access Token, open your browser and log in to your Sipgate account.

Then click on the icon of your profile on your Sipgate home page and select "User Settings".

4. Scroll down and look for "Personal Access Token" options to select "Manage". 

5. If you don't already have one, click on the "Add" button to start creating a new PAT.

Once you create a new PAT, return to Memtime and enter your Sipgate PAT information to complete the authentication process.

In case that you will need your PAT for later use, make sure to securely save it, as it will only be displayed to you once.

6. After you have successfully authenticated yourself, you can go to Time Tracking and see where all your Sipgate calls will be displayed in Memtime:

By following these steps, you will be able to seamlessly integrate your account with Memtime, allowing you to effortlessly track your phone calls like never before.