Is Memtime compatible with my device?

Please take a look at this article to find out if memtime is compatible with your device.

Memtime is currently compatible with the following versions of Windows, macOS and Linux: 

  • Windows 10 + 11
  • macOS (10.15+)
  • Linux Using X113

Important to consider:

  • Memtime requires a 64-bit system
  • Both the Windows EXE installer (NSIS) and the macOS PKG installer can be installed silently for all users using the command line.

  •  At the moment, we do not support ARM for Linux. Your Linux needs to use X11 and not Wayland. We tested Memtime on several Linux distributions and with Gnome, Plasma/KDE, XFCE and others.

The above-mentioned means that devices as cell phones, tablets and Chromebooks are not compatible yet because they don't allow activity tracking. However, as soon as Android, iOS and ChromeOS do, we will be pleased to launch a mobile app.