Migrating your data from timeBro to Memtime.

Memtime will ask if you want to migrate your data from timeBro to Memtime when you first start the app.

If you have used timeBro beofre, you will be able to chose one of the following options when you open Memtime for the first time:


  • The first option is to upgrade timeBro to Memtime and keep the data. This is the best option since it allows you to continue with Memtime and still have your timeBro data backed up and available in Memtime. This will migrate all of your captured activities and projects from Memtime. 


  • The second option is to start with Memtime without migrating your data. This will start Memtime as completely fresh and delete your old timeBro data. You will not be able to see any previous captured activities or projects in Memtime. 


We advise migrating the data, so you do not lose any important captured activities from timeBro.