Memtime is not tracking Outlook activities

You can now move back to the Legacy Outlook version from New Outlook for Mac to have your Outlook activity correctly tracked.


Before moving on with the article, please make sure your macOS permissions are enabled. If you want to know how to do it, you can take a look at this other article from our Knowledge Base.

Since the redesign of Outlook, Microsoft Office 2021 has sent forced updates for all macOS (10.14 and later versions) users.


Due to metadata limitations on Microsoft’s end, Outlook activities cannot be tracked as they used to be by Memtime. In most cases, Memtime will track these activities only as Outlook’s folders instead of specific e-mails. This is because the new Outlook application does not have AppleScript support.


Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 15.35.41


Microsoft is currently working on a solution to enable AppleScript support in the new Outlook application, with an estimated availability by December 2024. Once ready, we will be able to track all the details of Outlook activities again. 

As an alternative, users who are affected have the possibility to switch back to Legacy Outlook, to see the details of their Outlook Captured Activities. 

How to revert to Legacy Outlook


1. Switch off the New Outlook by sliding the toggle button.

Certain versions of the New Outlook for Mac include a toggle button located next to the email Search field. By utilizing this toggle button, users can switch back to the classic Outlook interface.


Slide the Toggle Button to Turn Off New Outlook

2. If you can't find the New Outlook, you can also use "Help Menu" to get it, and select "Revert to Legacy Outlook".



Then, A pop-up window will be displayed, prompting you to click on "Revert". This action will automatically close the app and relaunch it with the changes applied.



After reverting to Legacy Outlook, Memtime will track the details of its activities again.