How does Memtime capture my activities?

Memtime automatically captures all the activities on your device allowing you to focus on your work and not worry about time tracking.

 Automatic tracking:

Memtime follows your mouse movement and keyboard input to determine the activity you are currently working on.
You can have any number of apps, browser tabs and documents open and Memtime will still know exactly what you are currently working on. 

  • It can track the exact tab you are working on in a browser, regardless of how many tabs you have opened.
  • When you are writing an email the app will know exactly what email you are writing with the contact information of the recipients. 
  • With office apps like word, or excel, Memtime can track the name of the document you are working on.
  • The same goes for all adobe products. Memtime can tell you how long you spend on a specific document. 
  • The accuracy is truly remarkable as it can tell you exactly what you did each minute of your day and in great detail. The app can display the document name you were working on, the specific tab in your browser or the specific chat in your teams, slack or any other communication app. 

All the tracked activities are stored locally on your device, and only you can see them. 

The ability to just go back in time to any previous day, month, year and just see what you have been working on in great detail is a time saver and a great backup for anyone who needs to track their work. This is an example of how tracked activities are shown in the memory aid.