When is Memtime tracking?

The following are the situations where Memtime does effectively track your activities

Having Memtime installed in your PC doesn't always mean that it is tracking your activities. 

  1. If Memtime is not started, it will not track any activity because it only does it when it is running.
  2. If the App is launched after installation but no user logs in, it may begin tracking activities because it is not tied to a specific login session.
  3. If the Memtime Application is not actively running, it will not track any activities because it requires the App to be running in order to track.
  4. Furthermore, even if the user logs out of Memtime at a later time, the App will still continue tracking as long as it remains running. This occurs because the tracking and auto-start features of the App are linked to the computer user and not specifically to the Memtime user.


Hence, it is important to understand two key concepts about installing and using the Memtime App:

  • The App tracks activities based on the user logged into the computer, not specifically within the App.
  • Activity tracking only occurs when the App is actively running, even if it is running in the background.


Where is my tracked data stored? 

Because Memtime is an offline tool, it securely stores all tracking data solely on the user's device. This means that your data is never stored on a server or in the cloud, ensuring that no one else can access it. Rest assured that your information remains private and protected.
Additionally, Memtime offers the option to sync your tracked data with third-party tools through Connected Apps. This allows for seamless integration and enhances the functionality of Memtime. You can explore our extensive selection of over 50 integrations on our marketplace at memtime.com/marketplace.