How to Add Another E-mail to My Account

You can add another e-mail address to your account, which allows you to access the account with a different e-mail with the same rights.


This option is different from adding a new user to your account.

In case you want another team member to use the Memtime app, and not have access to the whole account, here's an article that explains this process: Inviting New Users to the Account.

The first step is to log into Memtime.

Go to and log in to the Customer Portal.

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The next step is to navigate to the "Dashboard" tab.


After navigating to the "Dashboard" tab, you can see a section called "Additional e-mail addresses", where you can click on the button "Add e-mail address".

Add additional e-mail

The next step is to follow the e-mail instructions.

You will receive two e-mails from Memtime that will contain additional instructions:

1) The first e-mail will be sent to your current, and primary e-mail address.

2) The second e-mail will be sent to your newly added e-mail address.

3) After completing the verification process, you will be redirected to the Customer Portal, where you will be now able to see your additional e-mail address.

Within the same section, you can also remove the additional email address by clicking on the small trash bin icon if necessary.