How to Invite New Users to Your Account

You can invite new users to your account anytime through the Customer Portal on our website.

The first step is to log into Memtime.

Go to and log in to the Customer Portal.

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The next step is to navigate to "User Management".

Click on the "User Management" tab in the left menu.

The last step is to invite the new users.

1) Click the "Invite new users" button.

2) Enter the email address of the user you want to invite, select their role (User, Admin, or both), and click "OK".

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Memtime App User: Uses up a license and can fully download and use Memtime.

Account Admin: Has control over the subscription in the Customer Portal, and can change it, invite new users, increase licenses, cancel the subscription, and view all invoices.

3) After clicking on "OK", the new user will receive an email with instructions on how to accept the invitation and download Memtime.

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4) You can also check the status of your invitation in the Customer Portal, and see if the invited user has accepted it, in the same "User Management" section:

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A user can be both an Admin and a Memtime User if needed. However, if someone is an Admin without being a Memtime User, they do not need to have or use a license.

Changing User Rights

Admins can change any user's rights by clicking the pencil icon next to the user's name in the Customer Portal.

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In case you need to, you can also remove a user by clicking on the small trash bin icon next to that user's e-mail.

You can also add another e-mail address to your account. This option is different from adding a new user, and it only allows you to log into the account with a different e-mail.

Here's an article that explains this process: How to add another e-mail to my account.