How to connect to Autotask

You can now connect Memtime to Datto Autotask PSA and take your time-tracking to the next level

The first step to connect Autotask to Memtime is to install it as a Connected App.


To install Autotask as a Connected App, you can try the following:

1. Open the Memtime App and click on the menu burger to select Connected Apps.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 10.55.09

2. If you do not already see Autotask as a Connected App, you can click on the "Find More Connected Apps" button to easily find it.

3. This will take you to your browser, and the Memtime marketplace website will open. You can search here for 'Autotask' or any other Connected App you would like to try. Once you select Autotask, click on the "Connect to Datto Autotask PSA" button.


Captura de pantalla 2023-10-23 a las 11.10.17

4. A pop-up window will appear asking you to enter your Autotask API data. 

For more information on creating a new "API Username" and "Secret," please refer to this video.

If you have previously generated your "API Username" and "Secret," you can retrieve them again here:

Once you have acquired your API username and Secret (Password), simply go back to your Memtime Customer Portal and enter them into the previous Pop-up window to install the Datto Autotask integration.

5. Go back to the Memtime App > Connected Apps, and click on "Refresh Installed Connected Apps".


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The next step is to authenticate Datto Autotask in Memtime. 

1. Select Autotask in your Connected Apps in Memtime and click on "Authenticate".

2. A pop-up window will appear to ask you for your Autotask credentials: 

Please note that this window requires your Datto Autotask username, which is different from your email address. Please enter only the first part of the email address you use to log in to Autotask in order to be able to connect and proceed with the next step.

E.g. E-mail: and Username: PPierce


3. Then, you can lick on "Refresh Installed Connected Apps" to see Datto Autotask authenticated.

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4. After you're authenticated with Datto Autotask, you can modify some settings to suit your needs. You can configure various synchronization methods, choose which tasks to import from Datto Autotask, and decide on how you want Memtime to display your tickets or projects. 

5. If your projects are not yet visible in Memtime, you can refresh your project management section by clicking on the refresh button here:

Only tasks and projects that are assigned to your user will be imported by Memtime. You must first make sure that they are assigned to your user on ClickUp before you can see them in Memtime or choose a different import option in your Connected Apps settings.

6. When you create a time entry in Memtime for one of your Autotask tasks, Memtime will automatically synchronize it with your Autotask account. To see where the entry has been synchronized, please go to the Autotask website and open the "Current Timesheet" section, like this:


As soon as you open the "Current Timesheet" section, you will see all the time entries that have been automatically synchronized by Memtime, as shown here:


That's it! Now you can use the Datto Autotask PSA integration in Memtime. Here's a video that shows the complete installation process: