How to Connect to weclapp

You can connect Memtime to weclapp and take your time-tracking to the next level.

The first step is to install weclapp as a Connected App.

To install weclapp as a Connected App, follow these steps:

1. Launch the Memtime App and navigate to the menu icon to select Connected Apps.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 10.55.09

2. If weclapp is not yet listed as a Connected App, you can click on the "Find More Connected Apps" button to find it and install it.

3. The Memtime Marketplace website will then open in your browser. Here, you can search for “weclapp” or any other Connected App you’d like to try.

Once you have selected weclapp, click on the “Connect with weclapp” button.

4. A window will open, asking you to provide your weclapp URL. The URL should be visible as soon as you log into your weclapp account, and you can paste it here:

4. Go back to your Memtime app > Menu > Connected Apps, and click on “Refresh Installed Connected Apps”.

The next step is to authenticate weclapp in Memtime.


1. Select weclapp in your Connected Apps in Memtime and click on “Authenticate”.

2. A window will open in your browser asking for your weclapp API key.

To find your weclapp API key, you can log into your weclapp account and click on Profile > My settings and scroll down until you see the section "API Token".

Once you generate a new token, or copy the existing one, go back to Memtime and paste it in the authentication window:

After generating an API key, make sure to save the changes in weclapp, before you proceed with the authentication process in Memtime.

3. After you have authenticated, click again on “Refresh Installed Connected Apps”.

4. Then select weclapp on the left side to see the settings.

Here, you have the option to customize settings like automatic synchronization of all projects, tasks and time entries, according to your preferences.

The next step is to create weclapp time entries in Memtime.

1. Before creating time entries, you can click once on the “Project Management” tab in Memtime and quickly refresh your projects and tasks.

2. After all your projects are imported, you can create time entries by opening the “Time Tracking” tab, and then clicking and dragging in the “Time Entries” column.

3. When you log in to your weclapp account > My booked times, you will be able to see the time entries you created with Memtime.

Memtime automatically exports every time entry you create with it directly to your weclapp account.

That’s it! Now you can use the weclapp integration in Memtime.