Memtime is not tracking Safari activities

Memtime needs to have a permission enabled to be able to track Safari on macOS.

If your Memtime is not tracking Safari activities, you have to make sure the right permission is enabled in your macOS device. In order to permit it, do the following: 


  1. Go to your Security and Privacy settings.
  2. Open the Automation Tab.
  3. Click on "Memtime"
  4. Select "Safari" to allow Memtime to access its automation features.



It may be necessary to restart your Memtime app before the permission change take effect, so make sure to do so before checking to see if your Safari activities are now being tracked.


To restart your Memtime app, simply right-click on the Memtime icon located in the upper right corner of your Menu bar. From the dropdown menu, select the option that says "Restart Memtime":

This will effectively restart your Memtime app and ensure that the permission change take effect. 

Once you've completed these steps, reopen Memtime and check to see if your Safari activities are now being automatically recorded for you.

After you grant these permissions, Memtime should begin automatically tracking all of your Safari activities.