Why aren't all Asana projects visible in Memtime?

Sometimes, Memtime is not showing all of your Asana projects and tasks because the time-tracking feature has not been activated for them in Asana yet.

When Memtime doesn't show all the projects and tasks you have in Asana, it's best to first check if time-tracking is enabled for them in Asana.

Time tracking in Asana as you will read in this article is only available for all Advanced, Enterprise and Enterprise + Asana plans.

If you have a basic Asana plan without time tracking, you can still use our legacy Asana integration, that displays time entries as comments in your tasks.

To enable time tracking in Asana projects, the correct custom fields have to added first. Here's how you can do this:

1. Select a project.

2. Click on customize in the top right corner.

3. Click on "Time your work".

If you are unable to access the previous settings, you can request assistance from your Asana administrator to enable time tracking for your projects and tasks.

After time tracking has been enabled on your Asana projects and tasks, you can return to Memtime and refresh your projects to see the changes take effect:

Memtime App > Project Management > Asana > Refresh

What if I still can't see the project or task that I need?

If your projects and tasks are still not available in Memtime for creating time entries, you can also double-check the following:

1. Check if you are assigned to them directly in Asana and then refresh your projects in Memtime to apply any changes.

2. Choose different settings for Asana in Memtime based on your preference. You can do so here:

Memtime App > Menu > Connected Apps > Asana

These settings can help you to choose which projects should be imported to Memtime from Asana, as well as which tasks you would like to see when creating time entries.

After making any changes in the settings, you can refresh your projects in Memtime to make sure that the changes are applied.