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How to create a Timesheet report in Memtime

You can create a Timesheet report in Memtime and export it to Excel, CSV and PDF.

Here is how you can create a Timesheet report in Memtime:

1. Navigate to the Reporting tab in Memtime.


2. Select a date range for your report by clicking on the date shown in the top left of the Reporting tab.

You can select a predetermined range like "This Week" or "Last Month" or the left panel, or you can select a custom date range on the right panel. 

This will change the date range for every report and statistic in the Reporting Tab.

3. Click on the "Generate Report" button on the right to export your Timesheet report. 

A window will pop up where you can choose the type of report you want to export. 

4. Chose what kind of report you want to generate. Timeline, Projects, Tracked and Entered or Work time periods. 

  • The Timeline Report will generate a chronological report of your time entries. It will feature the projects, tasks and comments of those time entries. 
  • The Projects Report will generate a report of your time entries based on the Projects or Tasks the time entries are assigned to.
  • The Tracked and Entered report will generate a report that distinguishes your tracked time to the time you have booked on projects or tasks. This report will tell you how much of your active PC time is spent on work.
  • The Work Time Periods report will showcase the times you spend working on your devices. It will just showcase the times you have created time entries for. 

5. Chose the type of report you want to create. Excel Spreadsheet, CSV or PDF and click on "Generate"


This is a video showcasing the process: