Can I transfer my Memtime Data to a new PC (Linux)?

Your Memtime Data and captured activities are locally stored in a database on your device. This database can be manually transferred to a new or different device.


Attention! We do not officially support this process at the moment. Please, be careful as you handle your data because copying and transferring your Memtime files might lead to data loss.

The safest way to copy your data is having your Memtime App completely turned off.


One of the best things about Memtime is that it keeps your data save on your device where only you can access it. 


To learn more about how Memtime tracks your data click here

You can easily find your Memtime data on your PC, copy it and paste it on the same place of your new or different PC. 

To transfer your Memtime data to a new device do the following:


  1.  Download Memtime on the new computer ( and then install, start and configure it. This article shows how to configure Memtime.

Attention! The previous linked article shows the configuration process of Memtime on a Windows PC. Don't worry! It is the same one for Linux


2.    Quit Memtime completely by clicking on the small Memtime icon in the app bar  (right-click          on the Memtime icon, then select "quit Memtime").


3.    Completely quit Memtime on the old computer as well, and navigate to the Memtime data            folder on the old PC. 

You can get to the folder with the databases as follows:


4. The final step is to copy the User folder ( ~/.config/memtime/user) and paste it on the same spot on the new PC. 


You should now be able to see the data from your old PC in the Memtime of the new PC. 


The Data files are not bound to the operating system. You can transfer your Linux data to a macOS or Windows device as well.