How can I create projects in Memtime?

There are multiple ways to organize your project and client structure in Memtime. You can even create your own custom setting.

To create a new project you need to navigate to the "Project Management" tab in Memtime. 

1. The first step is to customize the project structure in your Memtime. You can also skip this step and use the default one.

The default Project structure in Memtime is set to Customer > Project.

To change or customize the project structure do the following:

  1. Click on the settings icon in the project management tab.
  2. Navigate to Memtime projects in the left menu.
This is a video of the process:

Here you will be able to chose between multiple configuration presets or create your own custom preset depending on your needs and workflow. 

2. The next step is to add new clients, project, matters or tasks. 

To add a new customer, project, task or matter you can click on the "+"  button on the top left in the project management tab:

A window will pop up where you can:

  •  Name the Project. 
  •  Determine if it is a subproject of an existing customer, project or matter, or if it is a standalone. 
  •  Write a description for the Project. 
  •  Determine the color in which the time entries for the project will be.
  •  Add a preselected activity. This means that certain activities will be automatically booked as time entries to the project you are creating. 
  • Select if you want the Project to be billable or non-billable by default, or if it will be determined by the activity. 

    Additional settings in regard to creating time entries for these projects:

  • Configure if time entries can be assigned to the project.
  • Configure if a comment is a mandatory field for time entries for this project. 
  • Configure if an Activity is required for creating a time entry for this project. 
  • Configure if the billable flag is shown when created time entries. 

Once you have created your project you can book time entries to that project.


Projects can also be created directly when creating a time entry. 

When you create a time entry you can find a "Create" button on the right next to the "Assign to Project" dropdown menu:

You can click this button to create a new task, project or matter directly from the time entry window.