Account Creation and App Download

Memtime is a powerful productivity app that helps you track your time automatically and become more efficient. To begin using Memtime, you'll need to download and install the app on your device. Follow this guide to get started.


1. Go to the official Memtime website: 

2. To get started just click on the "Try free now" button located on the top right of our homepage.

3. The next step is to type your email and password, tell us that you are not a robot.        Next you have to agree to our Terms and Privacy policy which can be found here.

4. Next you can choose if you want to connect Memtime to your Project management software, ERP or Billing software or continue without a connected app.

  • Connecting your software to Memtime will allow you to import your projects, clients and tasks to Memtime and export time entries to your software. 
  • You can create projects, tasks and clients in Memtime if you chose to continue without a connected app.

You can connect your Memtime to a Connected App at any time during your trial. 

5. In the next step you can invite your Colleagues to your trial account.

  • Click on Invite new users.
  • Type in the email of the user you want to invite.
  • Select if you want them to be Memtime users, account admins or both.

Once invited they will receive an invitation via email with instructions on to create their user and download the app. 

To learn more about Memtime Admins and users click here.

You or your other account admins will be able to invite new users at any time in their customer portal. 

6. The final step is to complete the registration and download the app:


Congratulations, you now have a Memtime account and can log in to your Memtime App and your Customer Portal on our webpage.